Dry Weather – Call Us For Foundation Repair in St. Louis

Just a friendly reminder that July and Aug are the two months we worry most about dry weather. Long periods of dry weather can cause the ground around our homes to dry and shrink, pulling away from the foundation walls leaving a void. Then as the rains return, water can sometimes get in all the way to the footing. To help prevent this we recommend to water the lawn up close to the house. Keeping the soil moist will prevent this situation from happening, don’t overdo it however. If you should need us for any issues of basement...

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About St. Louis Foundation Repair – Foundation Doctor

The Foundation Doctor is a family owned & operated, local foundation repair business with over 25 years of experience.  We specialize in basement waterproofing and foundation repair needs such as crack repair, bowing or leaning walls, sinking walls or foundations, sump pumps, crawl spaces, street creep and more. We’ve even lifted entire buildings & structures that no other St. Louis foundation repair company could do! 

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Your Home’s Foundation

ksdk-reportWatch The Foundation Doctor featured on St. Louis’s KSDK Channel 5 News. The Foundation Doctor owner Jason Bauman as interviewed on KSDK “

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Home & Garden Show

Thanks for visiting us at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show



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