We’d like to formally announce DynaPier foundation technology, the most advanced foundation pier alternative on the market, is now available through our firm.

When it comes  foundation repair, piering is one of the most important services. Thanks to this practice, foundation damage can be contained efficiently. At Foundation Doctor, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality servicing for your foundation needs. In order to ensure we meet these standards, we’ve joined forces with PierMagic, a top-notch foundation repair company.

PierMagic is the firm behind DynaPier, an industry-leading pier foundation pier alternative. We’ve written about the piering in the past, but here is a quick refresher:

Foundation piering is the technique of driving a type of support system into the soil. The new support system levels your foundation and helps avoid further settlement. Overall, the process stabilizes and strengthens your foundation.

There are plenty of signs that piering may benefit you. Cracking in the concrete or brickwork, cracks in drywall, or doors that stick or fail to open and close, for example, are all signs of a weak foundation.

Installed underneath the existing foundation, piers will support and strengthen the foundation, preventing any further damage or future repairs to your home.


Piermagic piering St. Louis

PierMagic, the foundation company which manages DynaPier technology, has been around since 2007. Throughout that time, they have created a company filled with carefully selected personnel who have years of experience correcting foundation problems. Most foundation issues arise from the interaction of water and expansive soils around a homes foundation. PierMagic has a strong background in soil mechanics. This allows us to more accurately define and prescribe treatment for any specific problem.

PierMagic engineered The DynaPier foundation piering system to be the best foundation pier alternative on the market. It is one of the strongest foundation piers in the industry thanks to an elaborate combination of steel and high strength concrete.

It’s difficult to tell if piering is the right move for you as a homeowner without an onsite assessment. To see if piering is the right solution for your home, call our office today to schedule a no-cost evaluation of your foundation. If piering is necessary, you can be sure it is done by the best professionals in the market.

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