Foundation Doctor is committed to helping you with all of your sinking porch needs. We have over 25 years experience in helping our costumer’s with this, somewhat daunting issue. The truth is, sagging, or sinking porches are quite common. There are many reasons why a porch could appear to be sinking. You might think this is the result of the porch just settling over time. This is usually not the problem.

Sinking porches typically appear because of a poor foundation, or sometimes having no foundation at all. This is especially common in older homes. Another cause of sinking porches could be the soil underneath. If it is too soft, or has become too saturated because of poor drainage, then the porch could show signs of sinking. Sometimes, the issue can be that the grade of the soil is sloping toward the house instead of away from it. Every time it rains, the soil could be eroding, causing a sinking porch. Or, this could cause the soil to become dry and cause the sinking porch problem.

Regardless of the reason for your sinking porch, as a homeowner, you just want it fixed! That’s where we come in. We are professionals at fixing sinking porches. Foundation Doctor will help you by making a correct diagnosis and find the expert solution.

Many companies choose to bandage the problem by using additional support or “piering”, or even mud jacking the sinking porch. We here at Foundation Doctors’ St. Louis choose to give you the best solution to your sinking porch problem. Our company is dedicated to using a stabilization jacking system that will ensure a permanent fix to your sinking porch problem. Many times this is even at a lower cost than the other sinking porch solutions.

We are locally owned and operated, and offer a 20 year transferable warranty. You will also find us on Angie’s List and have been accredited with the Super Service Award.

You do not have to worry or be concerned with a sinking porch any longer! Call The Foundation Doctor St. Louis today for our expert advice! We will be happy to answer any questions and provide a free evaluation of your sinking porch problem.