Does Hot Weather Damage Your Home’s Foundation?

Does Hot Weather Damage Your Home’s Foundation?

This is a question that comes to mind as the temperatures heat up in St. Louis. After the cold winter months, and the wet springtime, warmer weather is a welcome relief for residents of the St. Louis and surrounding areas. Summer is an exciting time. Yet, the Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows it can spell problems for your home’s foundation. Dry weather means the soil is drying out as well. If it dries out too much, it can mean disaster for your foundation. How so?

Shrinking Soil

Hot weather dehydrates the surrounding soil around your foundation. Most of the time, the soil is moist. When it begins to dry out, it shrinks. When it shrinks, it moves. When it moves, then your foundation could be left exposed and unsupported. This lack of support could cause your foundation walls or floor to begin to form cracks. You may not notice shrinking soil right away in the St. Louis area. To avoid the problem of shrinking soil, a good rule of thumb is to provide moisture around the soil of your foundation, especially if there have been many days without rain. (more…)

What is Foundation Piering and Does My Home Need It?

What is Foundation Piering and Does My Home Need It?

If you have had a foundation problem, you may now know what foundation piering is. If you are only starting to experience issues in your home’s foundation, then you may be wondering, “what is foundation piering and does my home need it?”

Foundation piering is the technique of driving a type of support system into the soil and leveling your foundation to avoid further settlement and therefore stabilizing and strengthening your foundation.

Shifting, sinking, and leaking foundations are almost always connected to an unresolved soil issue. St. Louis Foundation Doctors knows how important it is for your home to be built on the proper soil. St. Louis weather has so many variables that often it is impossible to know how the soil underneath your home is going to respond to the elements. Foundation piering can be the answer to your foundation problems. Therefore, providing a permanent solution.

So, does your home really need foundation piering? There are some things you can look for as indicators. The best thing to do if you suspect foundation damage is to call the professionals at Foundation Doctor of St. Louis and let us do a no cost evaluation. If you notice cracking in the concrete or brickwork, cracks in drywall, or doors that stick or fail to open and close, these could all be prognostic signs that your foundation is experiencing problems. Foundation Doctors can do a thorough inspection of your foundation and the surrounding soil to see if foundation piering is the solution for you. Installed underneath the existing foundation, piers will support and strengthen the foundation, preventing any further damage or future repairs to your home.

Don’t leave the foundation of your home to chance. The quicker you take care of any issues with your foundation, the less damage will occur to your home. Call Foundation Doctor of St. Louis and let us provide you with expert, professional and exceptional service for all your foundation repair needs.

Sump Pumps – Solutions for a Wet Basement

Sump Pumps – Solutions for a Wet Basement

If you live in the St. Louis area, then you know that “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s no secret in this area that springtime means rain. While the rain is good for flowers, trees and your yard, it isn’t always a good thing for your home’s foundation. Rain means that your basement could be experiencing cracks causing puddles or pools of water from leakage.

Water in your basement could be caused by the build-up of hydrostatic pressure. This pressure could compromise your home’s foundation, perhaps causing wet walls, or leakage where the floor and walls meet. This hydrostatic pressure build-up can be the result of several complications, such as oversaturated soil, where your home is located on the land, or improper run-off, to name a few.

Do you already have a sump pump installed for basement drainage? It is wise to have it inspected and make sure it is working properly.  A sump pump is an inside drainage system that, if it is doing its job, should effectively remove water from your basement.

If you do not have a sump pump or some other kind of drainage system, then it is imperative that you call the professionals and let Foundation Doctor of St. Louis perform a thorough inspection of your home’s basement and foundation.

Water is good for outside, but it is not good for your basement. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis will locate the source of the water coming into your home and make recommendations for how to fix the problem – permanently, thus avoiding further damage to your foundation. An interior drainage system, such as a sump pump can keep your basement dry no matter what the season is here in St. Louis. Having a sump pump can preserve the life of your home.

The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis are industry professionals trained to not only inspect, but fix whatever foundation problems you may be experiencing. Call us today for your free in-home evaluation to determine if an interior drain system with sump pump could be the permanent solution to your wet basement!

Preparing Your Home for Spring

Preparing Your Home for Spring

Homeowners always ask, “What can I do to prepare my home for spring?” Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows there is more to preparing your home than just checking your basement for cracks and looking at the outside of your foundation. There are a few necessary things to do to prepare your home for spring and be able to rest assured that springtime in St. Louis won’t turn into a disaster for your home’s foundation.

Wet weather always means that your home’s foundation could be compromised. To prepare your home for spring, and nip it in the bud, so to speak, it is important to do an inspection of the basement, any concrete walls and the outside perimeter of your home. This inspection should look for any cracks or compromise of the concrete foundation and any signs that the foundation has had movement. You can do an inspection yourself, but by having a professional from Foundation Doctor of St. Louis, do the inspection for you, it guarantees that minor problems will not be overlooked.

St. Louis winters are a combination of mild weather along with extreme temperature changes, snow and ice. Melting snow and ice can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation walls. Even minor cracks have the potential to turn into major problems if not detected and repaired early.

Foundation Doctor can also inspect the low areas of your yard and check for proper drainage away from your home’s foundation. It is also important to clear any exterior drains of debris, allowing for proper drainage. Any low areas next to the home’s foundation should be filled with compacted soil, so that run off water doesn’t pool next to the foundation, potentially causing harm.

It will also be important to inspect your gutters, making sure that there are no gaps or buckling away from the edge of the roof.  This can help to avoid any water leaking into the basement and crawl space from the gutters allowing water to run down the house.

Preparing your home for spring does not have to be time consuming or expensive. Your home naturally goes through changes with age, time, and weather. Don’t be caught off guard this spring. Call the Foundation Doctors of St. Louis today and let us give you a free estimate for an all points inspection of your home’s foundation. This is the best way to prepare your home for spring.

Foundation Cracks on Outside Walls… Call a Professional or Fix it Myself?

Foundation Cracks on Outside Walls… Call a Professional or Fix it Myself?

It can be very upsetting to find cracks on the outside walls of your foundation. Visually it gives the appearance that your home is unstable and at risk of wall collapse. Repairing the cracks to your foundation’s outside walls is necessary. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis are experts at repairing foundation cracks.

Many homeowner’s wonder if there is a way that the repairs can be made by either themselves or a friend. Let’s put it this way… the foundation is the cornerstone of your home. Your home provides safety and protection for your family. Why chance putting a band-aid on the problem when you can fix it once and for all, the right way?

Visually you might think that the repair is simple. After all, it’s just a crack, right? Wrong. These cracks that show up on the outside of your home’s foundation are visual indicators of more serious problems. Let the Foundation Doctors inspect your home’s foundation, including any cracks, to determine the underlying cause for the problem. Even if the repair looks simple to the untrained eye, there can be internal foundation problems that are not yet showing up. If cracks are left untreated, or not repaired correctly, it can cause more problems and lead to more serious issues.

Every home is different and the professionals at Foundation Doctor will evaluate, inspect and make recommendations for the best solution to your cracked foundation. By focusing on the internal problems that are hiding in the home’s foundation, further problems can be avoided. Issues such as basement leakage, poor drainage around the foundation, flooding, and even hazardous radon gas, can be prevented with proper foundation crack repair.

Don’t leave the repair of your home’s foundation to chance. Call the experts at Foundation Doctor. We will be happy to do a thorough evaluation and inspection of your foundation. You will know exactly what the problem is internally and how to fix it to avoid further damage. Doing it right the first time saves you time and money. Call the professionals at Foundation Doctor of St. Louis today to schedule your no cost evaluation!