Bowing walls happen for a variety of reasons. Bowing walls can occur due to the age of your home, poor construction, or water pressure. Bowing walls are somewhat common in our St. Louis older homes that have had years of repetitive freeze and thaw cycles and soil settlement. Bowing walls because of poor construction encompasses such things as lack of rebar, improper drainage system, or even the improper backfilling of soil around the homes foundation. Water pressure from the soil outside of the home seems to be the most common. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows that the weather in St. Louis is always changing. From rain, sleet, snow, and extreme temperature changes, St. Louis has it all. This constant change in the weather can affect the soil and lead to bowing walls.

Foundation Doctor, of St. Louis, knows that bowing walls can be a nightmare to homeowners. Left unchecked and unrepaired, these bowing walls could begin to turn your home into something similar to a “fun house” with slanting walls and floors, only you wouldn’t think it was very funny. The walls would continue to bow or lean, perhaps developing cracks and pulling away from your home’s foundation. This could lead to foundation failure and moisture damage. Early detection can save the foundation of your home. Things to watch out for include water leakage, cracking in the wall and of course, actually seeing the wall bulge.

There is a solution to bowing walls. They can and should be repaired as soon as you notice the problem. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis are experts at inspecting and determining the best solution for your home’s bowing walls. Once the Foundation Doctor of St. Louis has performed the inspection of your bowing walls, then we determine the best method to use. The Foundation Doctor has developed proven methods to repair, stabilize and reinforce bowing or leaning walls. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis uses the latest technology available to provide the best and lasting solutions for your bowing walls. One method used is Carbon fiber 4” strips called “The Reinforcer” which are 10x stronger than steel to stabilize the wall, used in conjunction with Kevlar neck ties, which can fortify the framing of the house. We then bond it with structural epoxy that is virtually unnoticeable. This method comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Another method involves wall anchors. This method prevents hydrostatic pressure from pushing up against foundational walls.

Foundation Doctors of St. Louis will inspect and evaluate your options, giving you the best solutions. Call us today for a free evaluation and estimate for all of your foundation problems, including bowing walls.