Bowing walls are especially common for homeowners in the St. Louis area. If you are experiencing slanting or bending walls, it is essential you take action.

Foundation issues arise so slowly it’s hard for most homeowners to recognize them. When they do notice them, however, it’s important they act quickly to protect their home from further damage. Bowing walls are a perfect example of this.

Bowing walls are walls bent or slanted inward in a basement or underground room. These walls often begin to form cracks, which can allow more water into the home, exacerbating the problem. If left unchecked, they can lead to a devastating collapse, a nightmare situation for any homeowner.


As always, preventative measures are much more effective than reactive. As such, it is important to understand the causes of bowing walls so you can take steps to prevent them.

Excessive pressure from the foundation is typically the culprit behind bowing walls.

Foundation Doctor St. Louis Bowing Walls

Water Pressure in the soil can lead to Bowing Walls

This can occur in a few different ways, but it is mostly attributed to water pressure. If the house is equipped with a sub-standard drainage system, water can build up against the foundation and push the walls inward. 

Another common way foundations pressure walls is through seasonal changes. Repetitive freeze and thaw cycles expand and contract the soil around homes, adding pressure to the walls. Over time, the effect can compound. Because of t

his, it’s very common to see bowed walls form in older houses that experienced a lot of seasonal changes.

Your home doesn’t need to be old to be affected by foundation pressure though. Poor construction can cause a home to experience bowing walls in a much shorter amount of time. This typically stems from a lack of rebar, improper drainage systems, or even improper back filling of soil.


Foundation pressure is especially common in St. Louis because we experience such a wide range of seasons. Once you notice walls bending or slanting inward, you have already had a build-up of foundation pressure for a long time. At that point, it’s important you work toward a repair immediately.

Foundation Doctor St. Louis Bowing Walls

The Reinforcer

Foundation professionals have a few methods designed to combat this pesky issue. One way to secure your foundation is through reinforcement. At the Foundation Doctor in St. Louis, we accomplish this through the use of our patented tool, The Reinforcer. The Reinforcer is a 4″ wide strip of carbon fiber bonded together with structural epoxy, specifically designed to stabilized basement foundation walls.

Another way to combat bowing walls is through the use of a wall anchor. This process involves using metal plates on the interior of the foundation walls and tying each of them with a ‘deadman’ buried out in the home owner’s yard. By creating a deadman in the yard, the hydrostatic pressure that pushes on your foundation walls will not be able to bow the walls further.

If you are experiencing any give us a call today of the above symptoms, for a free consultation!