A do it yourself foundation repair may seem like a good idea, but it ultimately costs even more time & money in the long-run.

If you’re considering a do it yourself foundation repair, you might want to think again. Although it may seem like a simple job from a visual standpoint, there is a lot you could lose. Your foundation’s health is a huge determining factor in the value of your home. If your foundation falls apart, so does your home. Additionally, If there are serious underlying problems stirring, cracks in your concrete could be the beginning.

A professional foundation company, such as The Foundation Doctor in St. Louis, is much better suited to handle these problems. Trained professionals take an analytic look at your foundation before making a repair and provide insights as to how you can rectify your issues. They give your foundation a legitimate health boost rather than a quick fix.

Here are a few ways do it yourself foundation crack repairs could harm your home:

They never fix the underlying issue

Do it yourself foundation repairs are almost always a visual project. These kinds of efforts doing an acceptable job at covering up an unpleasant crack, but they don’t serve as a cure for what is causing that ailment. Simply put, they are generally just a band-aid, not a cure.

An experienced foundation professional is skilled in long-term foundation crack repair and knowledgeable regarding the current needs of the building’s foundation. In addition to providing a cure, professionals also evaluate future preventative measures to guard against settlement or slight movement in your foundation.

They put your foundation at a greater risk

As we have previously noted, some foundations may have masonry patching products in their home. Sometimes home owners don’t replace these stand-in fixes when needed. If you disrupt any patching masonry with your do it yourself project you’re putting your foundation at a serious risk.

When you slightly move the wall you are trying to repair, any masonry patching products will fail. This makes the problem even worse because now you need to repair the masonry in addition to your foundations crack. Which leads us to…

Do it yourself foundation crack repairs are more expensive

In terms of both time and money, do it yourself foundation crack repairs do more harm than good. The time and resources you devote toward a project that is not likely to succeed could rather be spent toward a professional repair. There is no substitute for getting the job done right the first time and learning what caused the problem to begin with.


When you partner with a foundation professional, you are hiring someone who understands a foundation on a deeper level. Professionals, such as the individuals from the Foundation Doctor, take an analytic look at your foundation. Using their extensive experience and knowledge within the industry, these experts educate home owners throughout the process and provide solutions tailored specifically to their foundation and budget.

If you have troublesome cracks appearing around your home, call the Foundation Doctor today!