This is a question that comes to mind as the temperatures heat up in St. Louis. After the cold winter months, and the wet springtime, warmer weather is a welcome relief for residents of the St. Louis and surrounding areas. Summer is an exciting time. Yet, the Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows it can spell problems for your home’s foundation. Dry weather means the soil is drying out as well. If it dries out too much, it can mean disaster for your foundation. How so?

Shrinking Soil

Hot weather dehydrates the surrounding soil around your foundation. Most of the time, the soil is moist. When it begins to dry out, it shrinks. When it shrinks, it moves. When it moves, then your foundation could be left exposed and unsupported. This lack of support could cause your foundation walls or floor to begin to form cracks. You may not notice shrinking soil right away in the St. Louis area. To avoid the problem of shrinking soil, a good rule of thumb is to provide moisture around the soil of your foundation, especially if there have been many days without rain.

Foundation Cracks

In the hot summer months of St. Louis, the dryness can cause a lack of moisture around your home’s foundation which could lead to cracks beginning to form. These cracks, if left untreated, can lead to structural damage to your foundation. When cracks form in concrete foundations, it can lead to other foundation problems such as a sinking, uneven foundation and bowing, or leaning walls. If you notice any signs of cracks in your basement foundation or on the foundation walls, it is time to call the experts at Foundation Doctor and let us provide a thorough evaluation of your home’s foundation problems.

Sinking Foundations

When cracks form in your home’s foundation, the walls begin to separate as the home settles into a new spot to lean on. The foundation then sinks or tilts in a new direction, looking for support. This sinking foundation problem can also cause a sinking porch. If you notice the foundation sinking, either in the basement of your home or on the porch, it is time to call the professionals. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows that sinking foundations can occur over time for various reasons. We also know how to fix these issues. There are many options available to stop a sinking foundation, and fix the problem at its source.

The hot, dry summer months in St. Louis can contribute to the damage of your home’s foundation. The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows how to find your foundation problem, offer the solution, and permanently fix the foundation damage. Call us today for a free foundation evaluation before the hot summer months in St. Louis cause damage to your home’s foundation.