Excessive rainfall can cause serious, long-lasting damage to your property. Find out if a French Drain is the right move for you.

When it comes to your foundation, being proactive is often better than being reactive. That is especially true when it comes to water damage. One of the cheapest yet most effective ways to prevent water damage is through the installation of a French Drain.

What is it?

French Drain St. Louis

The French Drain is a simple solution to common lawn-care and foundation issues.

Simply put, a French Drain redirects surface and ground water away from your foundation. In their earliest form, they were trenches dug at a high area of the ground and leading to a lower area. The same concept remains today, but the technology has taken a leap forward.

Today, French Drains redirect ground and surface water to a perforated drain pipe which is used to redirect the water toward a sewage system. Foundation professionals dig the trenches, typically 6” wide by 24” deep, into the ground.

After the trench is in a secure place, the installer covers the surface area with a soil layer. The soil is a combination of gravel and rock, ensuring it’s stability. After that, we cover the trench up with the grass taken up to dig the trench.

Is a French Drain right for me?

Next time there is a rainstorm, check your yard after. If there is an accumulation of water in the grass that just won’t go away, that may be a sign of a drainage issue. This is also true if water in a soil-rich area is accumulating.

The best way for you to be sure that drainage intervention may be necessary is to have a professional take a look when the water is accumulated. This will allow the drainage professional to most accurately assess the case and prescribe a solution.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, contact The Foundation Doctor today. We can offer a free onsite evaluation to learn how you home handles the rain. If you are the conditions are right, we are happy to install a French Drain, saving you money in the long-run.