Piering Services reinforce your foundation and increase its overall stability

Does your home stand to benefit from professional piering services? If you have issues with your foundation, piering might be the solution you need.

While there are a lot of proven methods used to stabilize a home’s foundation, piering services are often the most effective. Foundation repair and maintenance professionals, such as the Foundation Doctor in St. Louis, use piering reinforce parts of a home that are damaged or fragile.

In the St. Louis area, piering services are incredibly common. This is because the weather varies so much each year that it is difficult to know for certain how sturdy your soil is. Soil expands and contracts with the seasons. Usually, a higher variety of weather patterns causes a larger amount of expansion and contraction.

When that happens, there is a lot of pressure put on your home’s foundation.¬†Shifting, sinking, and leaking foundations are almost always connected to an unresolved soil issue. If this is happening to your home, foundation piering might be the answer. These provide a permenant solution to homes with volatile soil levels.

What piering is

Foundation piering is the technique of driving a type of support system into the soil and leveling your foundation to avoid further settlement and therefore stabilizing and strengthening your foundation.

Piering Services

Foundation experts install the system centrally beneath the footing rather than outside of the footing. This transfers the structural load directly on top of the foundation pier. The DynaPier segments contain high-strength concrete that is pre-cast in a steel sleeve, providing superior shear strength and compressive resistance.

Our professionals hydraulically drive these segments into the ground one at a time. They repeat this process until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense strata of subsurface material, providing maximum support.

Benefits of Piering Services

Piering services, when executed properly, provide a wide range of benefits for you and your home. For starters, piering is a minimally invasive measure. Large-scale repairs used to involve a near overhaul of the foundation, but those days are over now. Most professionals can install a sophisticated piering system without incurring any damage or inconvenience to your home.

In addition to its efficiency, piering services provide a permanent solution for your foundation. Upon installation, piers elevate your home off the soil. This elevation protects your home from flooding as well as the expanding soil associated with the St. Louis area.

Piers also create a crawl space under your home. Foundation professionals and other contractors can use this space to more easily access vital areas of your home when they need repair or maintenance.

Is it right for my home?

If you suspect your home needs piering services, it is best to consult with a professional. At the Foundation Doctor in St. Louis, we provide no-cost on-site evaluations to help you better understand your issue. We are an industry-leading foundation maintenance company who uses the latest and greatest technology in the market.

Currently, our foundation repair experts use the DynaPier foundation piering system. This system is one of the strongest foundation piers in the industry due to its elaborate combination of steel and high strength concrete.

Piermagic piering St. Louis

To learn more about our piering services or for a free on-site evaluation give us a call today!