You’ve seen The Foundation Doctor vehicles on the road, visited our website, maybe even had us in your home; now we’re on TV! For a limited time, The Foundation Doctor is airing a series of informative television segments designed to help homeowners understand the most common causes of St. Louis foundation failures. Whether it is a crack along outside walls, an accumulation of water in basement areas, or drywall appearing to crack and separate; The Foundation Doctor has a solution for every home.

Our television ads inform customers that spring rains can contribute to an excess accumulation of water in basement areas; which can easily be resolved. To further discuss the effect local soil has on foundations, The Foundation Doctor was also featured on a News Channel 5 Report program discussing the clay-like structure St. Louis soil and how this soil expands when wet and contracts when dry; leading to a host of settlement issues.

If you think you’re experiencing a possible foundation issue, contact The Foundation Doctor today. We’ve been proudly serving the St. Louis Metropolitan Area for over 25 years and would be honored to welcome you to our family.