January 2014 – The Foundation Doctor – Fox2 Now Report

A frustrated homeowner says two and half years is long enough to wait for a contractor to finish waterproofing her basement. The elderly woman reaches out to contact 2`s Bonita Cornute for help.

That call for help comes after the homewowner looses thousands of dollars. And she doesn’t want to get ripped off again.

Lou Donaldson has owned her home in Warrenton since 1991. In 2009 she decided to fix her damp basement. She’s blind and wheelchair bound so she asked a friend for some names. She was referred to a contractor out of Troy Missouri.

‘He said he needed six thousand to start the job. I gave him six thousand in cash. I didn`t have a check.’

The total bill was eight thousand nine hundred dollars to seal cracks in the walls and install a sump pump. Some cracks were sealed. But the contractor didn’t put in any drain lines to carry water to the sump pump. And a sizable mound of dirt and concrete just sits in the way.

Another mound sits in the back yard near the basement window according to Lou.

‘He had some boys come some older boys come and they put the rock out the window, and they never did come back. They left a mess for me. ‘

The only number she has for the contractor was disconnected soon after he stopped working over two years ago.

‘It`s hurtful when somebody screws over a handicapped person. It just hurts. I don`t understand people, why they hurt handicapped people.’

We asked Jason Bauman owner of the Foundation Doctor to come over and take a look. The first thing he noticed was the sump pump trench lacked width and depth in places and….there was no catch basin for the sump pump. It sat unprotected in a muddy pool according to Bauman.’

‘The mud is going to clog the sump pump and it`s not going to work the proper way that it`s supposed to.’

And Bauman`s not too happy about the way bad contractors effect the good ones.

‘I do this every day. I go above and beyond to give my company a good name. And then you have one guy who comes along and takes advantage of someone, and does this to them.

This makes us have bad reputation. I don`t like it. ‘

Lou just wants a refund.

‘I would like some of my money back. I don`t like being screwed over. ‘

Jason Bauman says he’s going to help her get the basement fixed at minimal cost. We were unable to locate the original contractor.

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