In St. Louis… Rain, Rain, Go Away…

If you have a home in the St. Louis area you are probably singing the old song – Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day! Although the rain is good for plants and trees, the same can not be said for basements. We at The Foundation Doctor hope that you are staying indoors and keeping dry. But since the rain appears to not be letting up any time soon we hope that you check your basement for leaks! Also check your sump pump and make sure that it is pumping correctly.

New and older homes are all susceptible to leaking or cracked basement foundations. With the amount of ran we have been getting over the past few weeks you had better check your basement. If you do find water in your basement or elsewhere please call us at 636-282-4242, as any leak or crack problem is better dealt with earlier than later.

The St. Louis region and the whole state of Missouri is getting a lot of ran for the month of June. Governor Nixon has declared a State of Emergency as the heavy rain is really impacting Missouri. With all this rain, and more in the forecast as Hurricane Bill moves it’s way out of Texas on up to Missouri and the St. Louis area, basements are hard to keep dry and the pressure from all the rain can affect your home’s foundation and basements.

Inspecting your basement for leaks and cracks is an easy step for homeowners. Access your basement and look for visual signs of water. Check the walls for moisture and the floor for puddles or pools of water. Also wait a few minutes while in your basement and make sure the sump pump is working properly. If you do find any issues please call us for a free estimate and evaluation of your basement water problem.