What does it mean if my house foundation is sinking?

A recurring problem we have seen in serving our customers is that of house foundation sinking. Though the magnitude of this situation can range anywhere from mere cracks in the wall to large-scale house movement, we would recommend to deal with such a problem swiftly and efficiently so as to avoid any significant long-term damages. This way, you are left with a much more solid foundation for your house and property damage down the road can be prevented.

The five main causes of foundation sinking are:
-Evaporation, by which hot and dry conditions cause soil to shrink
-Transpiration, from tree roots dehydrating the soil
-Improper drainage, causing increased hydrostatic pressure in basement walls
-Poor building site preparation, when improperly compacted fill soil causes construction problems
-Poor soil conditions, expansive clay soil and/or organic debris create structural problems via soil contraction and expansion

These signs can go unnoticed, however, and so to help you better judge the status of your house’s foundations we at The Foundation Doctor have compiled a short list of signs you may need to call in an inspection. First, we recommend that you check for the most obvious of these indicators, that being whether or not your foundation has any visible cracks. Next, checking bricks or concrete slabs within the house for cracking can help ascertain whether or not there is any further instability. And finally check to see if any of the windows or doors in your house appear to be misaligned or are sticking out, as these can both be signs of a sinking foundation problem.

Should you take these recommended steps and find that any of the signs apply to your house, we suggest calling in so that we can take a look and help you resolve your problem. In order to treat any house, we at The Foundation Doctor will use a piering system from the highly reputable company Stabil-Loc in order to address and resolve the issue. Our company is very excited to offer you services with their product, as we are the only company we know of so far to use their system. The custom Stabil-Loc system that we use contains a double-walled pier, one pier inside of the other, for far more support as a replacement. In order use this mechanism to its fullest, we will dig through the unstable soil beneath your house to reach a bedrock, or more stable soil on which to begin the piering process. Although a process like this proves much more challenging than the usual mode of stabilizing a sinking foundation, the long-term benefits are quite fruitful in comparison to the alternatives. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us for further assistance or to better understand our process. For those wondering, here are the features of the Stabil-Loc Piering System:

-No off-set loads. These piers are centrally loaded, allowing the full weight of the foundation to rest directly upon the piers, not off-set like other systems.

-No bolts, brackets or breaking the footing. In other methods, plates, bolts and brackets are used and these can be damaged or broken over time.

-Deepest, strongest pier in the industry. In some cases, bedrock and stable soil can be 40′ into the ground. Other pier systems do not have the depth Stabil-Loc can achieve.

-Highest safety load rating of 10+. Because these piers are centrally loaded, they can support 171,000 pounds which leads to the industry’s top safety load rating!