Home Repairs: Is Your Crawl Space To Blame?

Many times when a home requires repair, homeowners directly address the immediate, visible problem and feel that is sufficient enough to take care of further issues; however, there may be an underlying problem that, without resolution, will only exacerbate the new repair. One of the most overlooked areas lies within a home’s crawl space. In fact, crawl space repair may be warranted if a homeowner notices a crawl space area that may be damp or wet. Even if you are not able to access these areas, it is a good idea to have them routinely inspected by a professional to ensure there is no moisture damage, foul odors, or structural integrity losses.

What Happens If I Need Repairs?

After a thorough site evaluation by a St. Louis home repair professional, The Foundation Doctor, homeowners will be advised on the best course of moisture removal and treatment. Usually, homes will have the Vapor Bright system installed which reduces moisture and cuts down on foul odors. Additionally, if the situation demands, The Foundation Doctor will also make necessary repairs to crawl spaces, including replacing columns to prevent floors from sinking further, and installing drain tile which prevents moisture from continually damaging your home. Since every home, crawl space, and level of moisture is different; homeowners will be advised which method of treatment is recommended to stop and prevent further moisture damage.

Basement Areas Require Treatment Too

Basement areas are not immune to moisture damage and the effects of moisture growth in a basement can be catastrophic, both to the home and its occupants. Fortunately, The Foundation Doctor can install a state-of-the-art mold, moisture, and mildew inhibitor: the Basement Doctor Plus. This concrete sealant /anti-microbial coating has been proven to be the most effective, mold-inhibiting moisture barrier ever formulated. In fact, the Basement Doctor Plus works on any type of concrete or masonry, is easy to clean, and dries in one day; offering immediate protection to your home.

Providing Same Day Estimates for Crawlspace and Basement Repairs/Treatments
Once an appointment is scheduled, experts at The Foundation Doctor are able to provide free site evaluations and repair/preventative treatment estimates on the same day.  Contact us today to prevent moisture from destroying your home and rest assured the experts at The Foundation Doctor are dedicated to keeping your home and family safe, healthy, and moisture-free.