Protecting Your Home’s Foundation Using A French Drain

One of the best ways homeowners can protect their home’s foundation is by using a French drain to re-direct surface and ground water away from their homes. Easy to install and undetectable in a yard, French drains are a cost-effective, preventative measure that yields desired results, year after year.  For the best St. Louis drainage solutions, the experienced professionals at The Foundation Doctor are here to help with expert advice, installation, and maintenance of all French drainage systems.  While they can personally explain how a French drain will benefit your home, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to French drainage systems.

Is my home a good candidate for a French drain?

If after a rainstorm, you find yourself walking on patches of saturated grass, pooling with water, then you may be experiencing drainage issues. Likewise, if soil next to your home frequently accumulates water and does not disperse of it quickly, this may also indicate the need for drainage intervention. The best way to determine if you home requires a French drain is to have a professional evaluation occur when water conditions are like those previously mentioned. This allows trained professionals to have a first-hand evaluation of the current problem and to be able to assess its severity.

What are the materials used in a French drainage system?

All French drains are located underground in a trench, usually 6” wide by 24” deep. At the bottom of this trench, lies a perforated drain pipe used to redirect the surface or groundwater collected. Above the drainpipe is a soil layer that is mixed with gravel or rock. Once the trench has been filled, it is covered with existing grass that was previously removed to access the drain site.

Do French drains really work?

While drainage systems have been around for centuries, French drains have been popular in the U.S. since the late 1850’s and were first used to assist with agricultural draining. Later, their use was proven as an excellent drainage method to ensure water was redirected away from a home or building’s foundation. Today, French drains are one of the most recommended preventative and problem-solving residential drainage solutions available.

Contact The Foundation Doctor today to receive a site evaluation to learn how your home can benefit from better draining and why it’s important to redirect water as quickly and as far away from your home’s foundation as possible.