Why Do It Yourself Foundation Crack Repairs Fail

While it may look like a relatively simple job from a visual point of view, homeowners trying to perform foundation repairs may end up causing more harm than good. The best foundation repair St. Louis homeowners can receive comes from experienced professionals, skilled in long-term foundation crack repair and knowledgeable regarding the current needs of the building’s foundation as well as future preventative measures to guard against settlement or slight movement.

Should a person just attempt this repair on his or her own, as the home or retaining wall being repaired begins to move slightly, any masonry patching products used will fail. This will result with the existing product requiring removal and further work to repair both past and present damage will need to occur. This not only wastes a person’s time, but the expense involved of purchasing inadequate building products could have been used towards the costs of having the repair done right, the first time.

Fortunately, The Foundation Doctor understands foundation crack repair St. Louis area homes experience and has the experience and knowledge to know what repair methods are best suited to each individual situation. To start, the team of professionals at The Foundation Doctor will come to your home and properly assess the situation; examining cracks in your foundation’s walls and making recommendations regarding which repair and preventative measures will best keep your home safe and leakage-free.

Different types of repairs include using an epoxy resin or polyurethane resin at the crack site, where it is directly injected into the wall’s crack, and/or using wall anchors or The Reinforcer to prevent further damage from occurring. These personalized repair recommendations will be made after a thorough examination of the cracks, including how they are originate, is made.

Repairs can be made any time of year, however, it is important to seek repair services as soon as possible. Because dry months do not yield water seepage from cracked areas, homeowners are given a false sense of security; mistakenly believing no further damage is occurring. In actuality, hydrostatic pressure can still build up behind a wall, moving the wall. Constant hydrostatic pressure can cause cracks in walls, which then become noticeable when outside water makes its way inside.

To immediately stop further damage from happening, it’s important to contact The Foundation Doctor today for a free, expert evaluation to learn how your home can be safe, reliable, and leak-free with our professional foundation repairs.