Eliminating Water in a Basement Effectively

When water occurs in a basement area, if the amount is small, most people will try to remove it themselves, find the source of the leak, and move on. While there are a variety of things that can cause an accumulation of water in a basement, not being able to locate the source of it could actually lead to further damage. Homeowners facing frequent pooling of water in their basements may need to have an inside drainage system with a sump pump installed. Experts in the repair and installation of St. Louis sump pump systems, The Foundation Doctor is very experienced in installing these effective water removal systems.

Because these drainage systems are deeply buried in the ground, homeowners will need someone highly-skilled and knowledgeable regarding the installation process.  This means, while a generalist could complete the job, there is no guarantee it will be done right. At the Foundation Doctor, our team of industry professionals specializes in all aspects of foundations; allowing homeowners to rest assured they are receiving the best workmanship from competent providers of foundation solutions. Best of all, our interior drainage systems with sump pump are designed to last throughout the life of your home.

In fact, we have a 4-component method to ensuring your home remains dry. First, a perforated, 4” drain pipe is installed, followed by filler media; which is used to cover the drain tile and allows water to flow easily though the pipe. Next, the Hydra Cove plate is added to prevent future leaking from occurring on the basement floor. The plate’s essential function is to channel water or moisture forming on your walls or from cold join seepage into the drain tile. Last, a pipe is installed that leads to the sump pump.

Our years of industry experience not only allow us to choose the best materials for the job, but also how to utilize and place them most effectively. For example, drain tiles are most effective when placed along the foundation footer. Because our team is made up of foundation specialists, we do not make errors many generalists and contractors make. Our installation practices not only eliminate future water occurrences, but also address the need to prevent hydrostatic pressure from forming around your walls; which is the main contributor to the formation of flooding or pooling water in a basement.

The Foundation Doctor ‘s industry professionals are knowledgeable, experienced, and customer-focused. Contact us today to learn how an interior drainage system with sump pump can help keep your basement dry season after season. You’ll agree, it’s one of the best decisions you can make to preserve the life of your home.