See The Foundation Doctor On TV

The Foundation Doctor has been serving the St. Louis area Metropolitan Area for over 25 years and recently had the pleasure of being featured on News Channel 5 Reports. Since The Foundation Doctor is the leading local expert in basement, home, and foundation repairs, they were called upon to provide viewers with answers and solutions to the most commonly experienced home foundation issues in the local area.

Viewers were instructed in the tell-tale signs to look for indicating a possible foundation issue – cracks located throughout the house, door jams coming off alignment, and moisture seepage in basements. While not indicative of a foundation issue, as some could be just settlement cracks, it is important to have these inspected sooner rather than later; to prevent further damages. (more…)

Have Cracks On Your Home’s Outside Walls? Let The Foundation Doctor Help!

One of the most worrying visual appearances a home can face is a cracked outside foundation or external walls. Because it gives the look that a home is unstable or at risk of wall collapse, not only is the repair a must to reassure the homeowner a home is safe and sturdy, but if ever wishing to sell the home, a properly repaired and reinforced outside wall provides one less issue the home’s new owners must face. In fact, because The Foundation Doctor expertly performs these repairs, they are virtually undetectable to the naked eye, which enhances the home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Prevent Further Damage Now

When left untreated, foundation and outside wall damage can cause a host of long-term problems. Cracks can expand and grow over time, materials will degrade faster than their intended lifespans, moisture can seep in and cause internal damage, and home will appear in a general state of disrepair. This is why it is important for St. Louis foundation repair customers to contact The Foundation Doctor as soon as possible to rectify this problem. Long-term solutions can be discussed that will safely repair your home and support its foundation for years to come; eliminating the need for multiple, costly foundation repairs.

Always Taking A Unique Approach When Solving Foundation Issues

Because every home is different, The Foundation Doctor takes a unique approach to solve customer’s foundation and cracked wall issues. The most common solution for most problems involves a process called piering. This means homes will need to have piers installed to address the current foundation damage and prevent new damage from occurring. To make this possible, a pier is installed along one section of the affected wall. During your home’s evaluation and estimation process, one of The Foundation Doctor’s home specialists will be able to explain the process and placement location in greater detail; however, it is most common to have the pier installed in a corner of the building to raise the footing and align the foundation back in place.

Can Your Home Afford To Wait Any Longer?

As with all home repairs, the earlier they are addressed, the better the repair’s success rate for long-term reliability. One of the best ways costly repairs can be avoided is by performing home preventative maintenance; which includes walking the home’s perimeter and performing visual inspections. Should you notice any small cracks or settling in the foundation, be sure to contact The Foundation Doctor as soon as possible to schedule your no-obligation, free home repair and service estimate.