See The Foundation Doctor On TV

The Foundation Doctor has been serving the St. Louis area Metropolitan Area for over 25 years and recently had the pleasure of being featured on News Channel 5 Reports. Since The Foundation Doctor is the leading local expert in basement, home, and foundation repairs, they were called upon to provide viewers with answers and solutions to the most commonly experienced home foundation issues in the local area.

Viewers were instructed in the tell-tale signs to look for indicating a possible foundation issue – cracks located throughout the house, door jams coming off alignment, and moisture seepage in basements. While not indicative of a foundation issue, as some could be just settlement cracks, it is important to have these inspected sooner rather than later; to prevent further damages.

To further educate viewers, The Foundation Doctor has created a new commercial describing how spring rains can affect foundations and basements. The main culprit for St. Louis foundation issues is the clay soil, which when wet expands, and when dry shrinks. This expansion and contraction leads to soil settlement; which affects foundations.

Find us on YouTube, or view video below, and learn how The Foundation Doctor can help your home today.