Window Well Problems and Solutions

Window wells are a great addition to any home. Having a window well at your basement windows will allow for added light, an emergency exit, and fresh air. Yet, any homeowner that has had to experience a window well drainage issue can tell you, it can be a real headache!  A window well is installed whenever there is a basement window that is at or below the level of soil. Reasonably, you do not want rainwater or melting snow to run inside the window and cause a leaky, smelly and wet basement.

St. Louis has its share of older and newer homes. With older homes, sometimes the window well drains are either non-existent or have been clogged for a very long time. In newer homes, many times the builder installs the wrong-sized window well or determines that a drain is not necessary because of sufficient gravel. The problem is that under the gravel there could be clay rich soil that provides no drainage at all. Therefore, it could cause water to pool inside the window well and begin seeping or flooding into your basement causing you unnecessary problems. (more…)