Foundation Crack Repair in St. Louis

Foundation cracks might have seemed to appear overnight and you will need to have the foundation cracks repaired.  Many foundation cracks begin with just a little hair-line crack at first. Over time these cracks can turn into huge problems. Foundation cracks can occur around your entryways, driveways, patio, the basement, garage floor, as well as around door and window frames. At the first sign of a foundation crack, it is good to call in an expert for a complete evaluation of the problem and get the foundation crack repaired, before it gets worse.

Foundation cracks usually widen over time. If you ignore the foundation crack, then it can lead to more serious problems with the foundation. Foundation crack repair is vital since the foundation is the structural main support of your home. There are many reasons why you may begin seeing cracks in your foundation.

Of course, settlement is one of the factors. Naturally, the foundation of your home responds to the soil that it was built on. Any shifting or drying of the soil will affect your foundation and may cause the need for foundation repair. Time and pressure behind the walls can cause settlement and cracking in the foundation.

Foundation Crack Repair St. Louis

Foundation Crack Repair St. Louis

In St. Louis, we have a lot of wet weather. This can contribute to the issue of foundation cracks by causing hydrostatic pressure. When excess water builds up around the foundation of your home, it can cause bowing or leaning walls and lead to cracks in your foundation. This should not be ignored. Many times, these cracks can begin to allow water to seep into your basement and weaken the foundation of your home. Foundation crack repair is necessary to fix the problem.

Regular evaluation and maintenance of your home and its foundation will enable you to catch a problem before it gets out of hand. Call Foundation Doctor in St. Louis, at the first sign of foundation cracks and let our experts in foundation crack repairs find and fix the problem. We will evaluate the issues and causes of the foundation cracks, using our expertise to find the most compatible solution. If caught early, foundation crack repair doesn’t have to be an extensive project. Don’t wait! Call us today for a free evaluation!