French Drains… What Are They? Do I Need Them?

French Drains… What Are They? Do I Need Them?

Having a French Drain installed is one of the best ways for a homeowner to protect the foundation of their home. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis are experts at installing French Drains. As a homeowner, you may not have heard of this type of drainage system. So, then, what is a French Drain?

A French Drain, by design, re-directs surface and ground water away from your home. The earliest form of French Drains were simple ditches that were dug starting at a high area and leading to a lower part of the yard. The modern-day French Drain is still built with the same idea in mind, but with better quality and expertise.

All French Drains are located underground in a trench usually 6” wide by 24” deep. At the bottom of this trench is a perforated drain pipe used to redirect the surface, or groundwater collected. Above the drain pipe is a soil layer that is mixed with gravel or rock. Once the trench has been filled, it is covered with soil and grass from the existing yard, making it virtually unnoticeable.

The experts at Foundation Doctor of St. Louis can sometimes even install a French Drain to be positioned to direct surface water into areas of your yard that need more water, such as fountains, flower or vegetable gardens and small fish ponds, thus saving you money and time.

How do you know if you need to have a French Drain installed? Foundation Doctor of St. Louis has put together a check list for you to consider.

After it rains, do you find yourself walking on patches or pools of water in your yard?
Does the soil around your home frequently accumulate water without dispersing it quickly?
Has water found its way into your basement or is it seeping into the walls of your foundation?

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, you may benefit from having a French Drain installed. Call Foundation Doctors of St. Louis for a professional evaluation to learn how your home can benefit from better drainage solutions, such as a French Drain.