Foundation Cracks on Outside Walls… Call a Professional or Fix it Myself?

Foundation Cracks on Outside Walls… Call a Professional or Fix it Myself?

It can be very upsetting to find cracks on the outside walls of your foundation. Visually it gives the appearance that your home is unstable and at risk of wall collapse. Repairing the cracks to your foundation’s outside walls is necessary. Foundation Doctor of St. Louis are experts at repairing foundation cracks.

Many homeowner’s wonder if there is a way that the repairs can be made by either themselves or a friend. Let’s put it this way… the foundation is the cornerstone of your home. Your home provides safety and protection for your family. Why chance putting a band-aid on the problem when you can fix it once and for all, the right way?

Visually you might think that the repair is simple. After all, it’s just a crack, right? Wrong. These cracks that show up on the outside of your home’s foundation are visual indicators of more serious problems. Let the Foundation Doctors inspect your home’s foundation, including any cracks, to determine the underlying cause for the problem. Even if the repair looks simple to the untrained eye, there can be internal foundation problems that are not yet showing up. If cracks are left untreated, or not repaired correctly, it can cause more problems and lead to more serious issues.

Every home is different and the professionals at Foundation Doctor will evaluate, inspect and make recommendations for the best solution to your cracked foundation. By focusing on the internal problems that are hiding in the home’s foundation, further problems can be avoided. Issues such as basement leakage, poor drainage around the foundation, flooding, and even hazardous radon gas, can be prevented with proper foundation crack repair.

Don’t leave the repair of your home’s foundation to chance. Call the experts at Foundation Doctor. We will be happy to do a thorough evaluation and inspection of your foundation. You will know exactly what the problem is internally and how to fix it to avoid further damage. Doing it right the first time saves you time and money. Call the professionals at Foundation Doctor of St. Louis today to schedule your no cost evaluation!