Preparing Your Home for Spring

Preparing Your Home for Spring

Homeowners always ask, “What can I do to prepare my home for spring?” Foundation Doctor of St. Louis knows there is more to preparing your home than just checking your basement for cracks and looking at the outside of your foundation. There are a few necessary things to do to prepare your home for spring and be able to rest assured that springtime in St. Louis won’t turn into a disaster for your home’s foundation.

Wet weather always means that your home’s foundation could be compromised. To prepare your home for spring, and nip it in the bud, so to speak, it is important to do an inspection of the basement, any concrete walls and the outside perimeter of your home. This inspection should look for any cracks or compromise of the concrete foundation and any signs that the foundation has had movement. You can do an inspection yourself, but by having a professional from Foundation Doctor of St. Louis, do the inspection for you, it guarantees that minor problems will not be overlooked.

St. Louis winters are a combination of mild weather along with extreme temperature changes, snow and ice. Melting snow and ice can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation walls. Even minor cracks have the potential to turn into major problems if not detected and repaired early.

Foundation Doctor can also inspect the low areas of your yard and check for proper drainage away from your home’s foundation. It is also important to clear any exterior drains of debris, allowing for proper drainage. Any low areas next to the home’s foundation should be filled with compacted soil, so that run off water doesn’t pool next to the foundation, potentially causing harm.

It will also be important to inspect your gutters, making sure that there are no gaps or buckling away from the edge of the roof.  This can help to avoid any water leaking into the basement and crawl space from the gutters allowing water to run down the house.

Preparing your home for spring does not have to be time consuming or expensive. Your home naturally goes through changes with age, time, and weather. Don’t be caught off guard this spring. Call the Foundation Doctors of St. Louis today and let us give you a free estimate for an all points inspection of your home’s foundation. This is the best way to prepare your home for spring.