What is Foundation Piering and Does My Home Need It?

What is Foundation Piering and Does My Home Need It?

If you have had a foundation problem, you may now know what foundation piering is. If you are only starting to experience issues in your home’s foundation, then you may be wondering, “what is foundation piering and does my home need it?”

Foundation piering is the technique of driving a type of support system into the soil and leveling your foundation to avoid further settlement and therefore stabilizing and strengthening your foundation.

Shifting, sinking, and leaking foundations are almost always connected to an unresolved soil issue. St. Louis Foundation Doctors knows how important it is for your home to be built on the proper soil. St. Louis weather has so many variables that often it is impossible to know how the soil underneath your home is going to respond to the elements. Foundation piering can be the answer to your foundation problems. Therefore, providing a permanent solution.

So, does your home really need foundation piering? There are some things you can look for as indicators. The best thing to do if you suspect foundation damage is to call the professionals at Foundation Doctor of St. Louis and let us do a no cost evaluation. If you notice cracking in the concrete or brickwork, cracks in drywall, or doors that stick or fail to open and close, these could all be prognostic signs that your foundation is experiencing problems. Foundation Doctors can do a thorough inspection of your foundation and the surrounding soil to see if foundation piering is the solution for you. Installed underneath the existing foundation, piers will support and strengthen the foundation, preventing any further damage or future repairs to your home.

Don’t leave the foundation of your home to chance. The quicker you take care of any issues with your foundation, the less damage will occur to your home. Call Foundation Doctor of St. Louis and let us provide you with expert, professional and exceptional service for all your foundation repair needs.