Water in Your Basement? We Can Tell You Why!

Water in Your Basement? We Can Tell You Why!

The Midwest is notorious for moving water caused by summer storms, and the past few weeks have been no exception. If you have found water in your basement after these summer rains, give us a call today! The Foundation Doctor will inspect your home and get to the bottom of the issues.

Step 1: We Locate the Water Source

There are a number of possible reasons to have a leaky basement, and the Foundation Doctor can help you with all of them.  Foundation cracks in the walls or floor of your basement can allow water to seep in, as can a buildup of hydrostatic pressure.

This pressure can happen when groundwater pools around your foundation due to oversaturated soil, improper runoff, or even just your home’s location on the land. Hydrostatic pressure can cause wet walls, puddles on the floor, or leakage where the floor and walls meet. 

The Foundation Doctor will find the source of the issue and evaluate its cause.

Step 2: We Recommend and Provide a Solution

After identifying the issue, the Foundation Doctor will provide a recommendation for repair and an estimate. Our recommendations are to fix the issue permanently and avoid further damage to your foundation. Depending on the situation, the solution could include installing a sump pump. It might also mean repairing foundation cracks. Installing a French drain in your yard is also an option.

If your basement does not already have one, installing a sump pump can help keep your basement dry

Angie's List Super Service Award 2nd year in a row - Foundation Doctor St. Louis

Angie’s List Super Service Award 3rd year in a row – Foundation Doctor St. Louis

during all of the St. Louis season.  A sump pump is an interior drainage system that helps prevent hydrostatic pressure from building around your home. It does this by directing groundwater elsewhere.

A French drain is an exterior drain that diverts rain and groundwater away from the foundation of your home.  If your yard has poor water runoff or oversaturated soil, a French drain can be invaluable. It is an easy to install and prevents water from building up next to your foundation.

The Foundation Doctor can protect your basement from future leaks by sealing it with specially formulated latex paint—specifically Drylok Masonry Paint. This moisture prevention layer should be applied by professionals, so call us today for your free quote!

Step 3: We Inspect Your Foundation and Your Home’s Exterior

The Foundation Doctor will also inspect your foundation for cracks, bowing walls, and separating bricks on the exterior. We can help with these signs of a settling foundation.

An exterior inspection will be done to make sure your home and yard are in the best shape, to avoid future water leakage. We will check for proper drainage away from your home’s foundation, especially in any low areas of your yard.  Any of these low areas should be filled with compacted soil. This helps make sure runoff water does not pool near the foundation, and all exterior drains should remain clear of debris to allow for proper drainage.

The Foundation Doctor will look at your gutters and make sure there are no gaps or buckling from the edge of the roof. Gaps or buckling can allow water to run down the house and seep near or into the foundation. Maintaining clean gutters can help avoid this.

Step 4: You Become Our Latest Satisfied Customer

The Foundation Doctor is proud of our history. We are family owned and operated with over 25 years experience serving the St. Louis area. We have repaired over a thousand homes and businesses, and we offer the best “Lifetime of the Structure” warranty in the business.

The Foundation Doctor is a proud member of the BBB, and most of our business is generated from referrals from the area’s best realtors, home inspectors, insurance companies, structural engineers and contractors.

We take great pride in our customer satisfaction, and we welcome the opportunity to provide your home’s needs! Give us a call today!