Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure

Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure

A lot of people in Missouri are worried about flooding right now. Are you one of them? Do you have a sump pump in your basement? Are you ready for heavy storm water or flash flooding?

 A sump pump is an interior drainage system that helps prevent hydrostatic pressure from building around your home. It does this by directing groundwater elsewhere.

A good sump pump is a homeowner’s first line of defense against a basement flood, but when it fails, it can turn into a major problem.  Below are some of the most common failures (and what to do about them)!

A Clogged Sump Pump

Does your sump pump have a lid?  If not, this could very likely be the issue. If there is a lid, remove it and inspect the sump pit for dirt and debris.  Check the “float switch,” which turns the pit on and off as the water level changes.  This can clog or jam as well. 

Ensure that the pit and the mechanical sump pump parts are free from dirt, debris and silt. If you do not have a lid, call the Foundation Doctor today for an inspection, repair, or replacement!

No Power 

Let’s say a major storm rolls into town, one with lots of rain. You think your sump pump can handle it, but then lightning strikes and the power goes out. Uh-oh.  Without power, electrical sump pumps cannot function. You don’t want this to happen when you need it the most!

Consider a battery-operated backup sump pump that will not fail if your home loses power. The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis can recommend the best model for your home.

Frozen or Clogged Discharge Lines

Typically, any water collected by your sump pump is expelled via discharge lines. During winter these lines can freeze, or if you have experienced a clogged sump pump before, debris can enter the lines and clog the lines as well. When either of these occur, the system fails.

To avoid this, occasionally check your lines entry (in the sump pit) and exit (on the exterior of your home).  Your lines should be clear and covered. Contact the Foundation Doctor of St. Louis for recommendations on proper installation to avoid freezing lines. Our team of professionals can inspect your current system and recommend repairs or replacement lines.

No Water in the Sump Pit

No water in your sump pit is signal that your sump pump may not be linked to a drainage system, or it may have been improperly installed.  In this case, you will need your sump pump and drainage system professionally inspected.

The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis can identify where a breakdown in your system has occurred and recommend solutions, ensuring that your basement stays nice and dry!

Call us today for a no hassle consultation!