Bowing Walls St.Louis or Leaning Walls

Bowed and leaning walls is a serious foundation problem and needs to be addressed right away. Outside stresses and pressure can lead to eventual collapse so it’s very important to contact The Foundation Doctor today if you’re experiencing any bowed or leaning walls.


Bowing walls St.Louis.

Bowing walls St.Louis are often caused from hydrostatic pressure pushing against your foundation walls from the exterior of your home. With this pressure building up, water pushes against your foundation walls with more force than the walls can withstand, causing them to bow inward. Also, forces such as expanding and contracting land during seasonal changes can lead to foundation Bowing walls St.Louis.

By the time you notice your walls have moved, you’ve had the problem for an extensive period of time. Fortunately, The Doctor has a few solutions to your Bowing walls St.Louis foundation. One method The Doctor uses to resolve your problem is by using wall reinforcements. More specifically, The Reinforcer. The Reinforcer is a 4″ wide strip of carbon fiber bonded together with structural epoxy, specifically designed to stabilized basement foundation walls.

  • pic_reinforcer

    The Reinforcer helps Bowing walls St.Louis.

    Thin as a dime – only 0.045″ thick

  • 10x stronger than steel
  • Subtle appearance – virtually unnoticeable
  • Material is non-corrosive & non-flammable
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty


This is a fixed Bowing walls St.Louis

The other method The Doctor uses to resolve your bowing walls is by using wall anchors. This process involves using metal plates on the interior of the foundation walls and tying each of them with a ‘deadman’ buried out in the home owner’s yard. By creating a deadman in the yard, the hydrostatic pressure that pushes on your foundation walls will not be able to bow the walls further.

Once again, if you’re experiencing any bowing foundation walls or you believe your walls are leaning, this is a serious problem and needs to be addressed right away. Please do not hesitate to contact The Foundation Doctor and get your FREE EVALUATION to determine what steps should be taken to eliminate the problem!




Bowing walls St.Louis.


Leaning wall St.Louis.