Fall is well underway, and the temperatures in St. Louis are dropping! You’re outside in your yard, enjoying the weather, raking leaves, and all of a sudden you see it—a big, jagged crack in your foundation.

“Has that always been there?” you think, and get closer to take a look. And then you remember thinking that your foundation looked great just a few months ago when you were mowing your lawn.

Well, that can’t be good. But, lucky for you, you recently heard about the Foundation Doctor St. Louis, and you head straight inside and pick up the phone.

Call a Professional

Never attempt to repair a crack on your own. Your foundation is the cornerstone of your home, and maintenance and repairs done correctly are essential to the protection and safety of your home. Even if a crack looks visually small from the exterior, it likely signals larger problems elsewhere, and a band-aid fix can just make those issues worse down the road.

Consulting with a professional foundation repair company will help identify the problems and provide a solution.

The Foundation Doctor St. Louis is an expert in foundation inspection and repair. Our team has over 25 years of experience, and we are looking forward to increasing our list of satisfied customers.   Call us today!

Inspect Your Foundation

Make sure that the foundation professional that you have selected does a thorough inspection of your foundation.  Cracks can be caused by a number of issues, including improper drainage, overloaded walls, or settling.  Inspecting your foundation should be done from both the exterior and the interior, and the foundation professional may look for signs elsewhere, such as drywall cracking near the doorframes on the main level of your home.

Properly determining the cause of the cracks will indicate what the solution should be.  The Foundation Doctor St. Louis provides a free consultation and a detailed estimate, and our process is hassle-free and without high-pressure sales. Call us today!

Repair Your Foundation

After determining the cause, the foundation professional will recommend a course of action. This could be injecting the crack with epoxy resin or polyurethane resin, adjusting gutters and drainage around the exterior of your home, or installing wall anchors to prevent any further damage or cracking.

The Foundation Doctor St. Louis will work with you to repair the crack and provide information on how to prevent future damage. Additionally, we offer the best “Lifetime of the Structure Warranty” in the business. This warranty applies to the structure of the home and is fully transferrable to new homeowners at no extra cost.  Call us today!


Finding a crack in your foundation can be unsettling—you may think that your home is unstable or may collapse. You may be scared of the scope of the repair, but fixing it right when you identify a problem will save you time and money down the road.  Your home is a large investment, and ensuring the strength of its foundation is a necessary maintenance item.

Let the Foundation Doctor St. Louis take care of all your foundation needs!  Call us today for a free consultation!