Ensuring that your yard is sufficiently prepared when it comes to water and drainage is key to the maintenance of your foundation. An effective drainage system will save you money and headaches down the road. You can (and should!) be proactive when preventing drainage damage instead of reactive.


Do you know what the drainage situation is in your yard? Where does the water go after a large rain? Do you notice any pools? Read on for tips on managing the drainage in your yard to increase the longevity of your foundation!




What does your landscaping look like next to your home? Does it slope away from your house, diverting water away? Or does it slope towards your home, potentially causing water to collect in the soil that touches your foundation?  Evaluating the slope will help tell you if you should consider making a change, or if your landscaping is correctly sloped away from your home.


The Foundation Doctor St. Louis can provide a free consultation to determine if altering the slope of your landscaping will reduce drainage runoff.


Along with the slope of the ground, the type of plant life present next to your home can affect the health of your foundation. Many homeowners enjoy the look of flowers or flower beds next to their homes. The most effective type of flowers to locate here are ones that require low water. This amount of water is ideal for plant life near your home’s foundation. Too much water can cause settling, and too little water can cause cracks in your foundation.


You will also want to avoid planting trees too close to your home, as their roots can expand and push into your foundation as they grow.




An efficient gutter is an essential component to managing the drainage around your home. Is your gutter system updated? Does it need any repairs?


If your home does not have a gutter system, consider installing one. The savings you will generate far outweigh the cost of installation.  Routine maintenance is necessary for homeowners who have a system already. Every year, be sure to check gutters for clogs and downspout blockages, and contact a professional for any necessary repairs.


French Drains


If you notice a need for increased drainage management, a French drain may be an answer. A French drain redirects surface and ground water away from your home’s foundation. It can be effective in taking care of problem areas where you may have poor water runoff or oversaturated soil. If you are noticing pooling in one area of your yard, a French drain may be a solution, and the Foundation Doctor St. Louis can install one.


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