If you own a home in the St. Louis area, you’ve likely heard of foundation piering. It’s incredibly common because there is so much weather variability affecting the soil. With the temperature changes, soil expands and contracts, causing shifting, sinking, cracking and leaking foundations.

Foundation piering provides an effective, permanent solution to these soil issues, and if you have noticed that you have been repairing repeated foundation issues, it may be time to consider piering.

What is Piering?

Foundation piering is a reinforcement system installed centrally beneath a home’s footing to strengthen, stabilize, and avoid further foundation settlement.  Foundation professionals drive vertical support beams into the soil beneath a home, transferring the structural load directly onto the piers beneath foundation walls. At the Foundation Doctor of St. Louis, our team drives these supports into the soil hydraulically, one at a time, continuing until the pier hits bedrock or a dense subsurface material, providing maximum support.

The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis utilizes DynaPier segments containing high-strength concrete. These segments are pre-cast in steel sleeves, providing superior shear strength and compressive resistance.

What Does Installation Look Like?

Believe it or not, installing a piering system is a minimally invasive measure.  A sophisticated piering system can be installed without damaging your home or inconveniencing you or your family. In the past, large-scale repairs required a full foundation overhaul, but with improved hydraulics and better technology, today’s installations are much easier. 

Upon installation, piers elevate your home off the soil, protecting your home from both flooding and further soil expansion. This created space can serve as a crawl space, which is easier for foundation professionals and other contractors to use in case of maintenance or repair.

Contact Us If You Need Piering!

No matter what, if you suspect your home could benefit from piering, you must consult a professional. A foundation professional will inspect your home, make a recommendation, and be able to provide detailed information regarding the plan for piering. The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis offers on-site evaluations at no cost, and our team of professionals will take the time to explain your options and answer any questions you may have.

The Foundation Doctor of St. Louis can provide piering services to reinforce parts of your home that are damaged or fragile, helping you avoid future foundation issues and ensuring the structure remains sound.

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