Sinking Foundation

Several home owners suffer from sinking foundations. Whether the entire home is moving or the foundation is cracked and only certain walls are sinking, this is a serious problem and must be fixed as soon as possible. The five main causes of foundation failure are:

  • Evaporation- Hot and dry conditions cause soil to shrink.
  • Transpiration- Tree roots dehydrate soil, causing soil shrinkage and settlement of your home’s footing/slab.
  • Drainage- Improper drainage causes increased hydraulic pressure in basement walls.
  • Poor Building Site Preparation- Improperly compacted fill soil causes construction problems.
  • Poor Soil Conditions- Expansive clay soil and organic debris cause contraction and expansion of the soil. These conditions contribute to structural failure.

If your home has cracks in foundation or interior walls, cracking in bricks, your windows and/or doors are sticking or seem misaligned or you may have cracking concrete slabs, these are all signs there may be a sinking foundation problem with your home. The Foundation Doctor uses the best piering system in the industry, Stabil-Loc, to fix your sinking foundation issue.


Sinking Foundation Sinking Foundation

Sinking Foundation Sinking Foundation

When a foundation is sinking, the soil it’s sitting on is unstable. The Doctor will dig down through the unstable soil until reaching either bedrock or stable soil and begin piering up from there using Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering System. While this particular system is a larger feat, the long term results speak for themselves in comparison to the techniques of other foundation repair companies.

Stabil-Loc Features:

  • No off-set loads. These piers are centrally loaded, allowing the full weight of the foundation to rest directly upon the piers, not off-set like other systems.
  • No bolts, brackets or breaking the footing. In other methods, plates, bolts and brackets are used and these can be damaged or broken over time.
  • Deepest, strongest pier in the industry. In some cases, bedrock and stable soil can be 40′ into the ground. Other pier systems do not have the depth Stabil-Loc can achieve.
  • Highest safety load rating of 10+. Because these piers are centrally loaded, they can support 171,000 pounds which leads to the industry’s top safety load rating!