Street Creep

Do you live at the bottom of a cul-de-sac or at the intersection where two streets meet? Do you live on the downhill side of your subdivision road? If you have cracks in your basement walls where they meet the garage or you may have gaps where the garage floor and the garage footer meet. These are all signs of street creep.

sc10-150x150Street Creep is not a new problem, but most of the time home owners don’t understand what’s happening until it is too late. Street creep is when the actual street or road is pushing against your driveway. In turn, the driveway could be cracked from this. But more often than not, the driveway is pushed into the garage and foundation causing cracks in the garage or basement walls and could lead to bowing walls in your foundation.

The Doctor’s solution to his is to install an expansion joint in the driveway to allow for expansion and contraction of the moving street without damaging the structure of your home. Call or email The Foundation Doctor today and we’ll give you a FREE EVALUATION of your situation to determine the best method for keeping your home safe from Street Creep!